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CHEQUE BOUNCING (N. I. ACT )MATTER (click here for details )

CHEQUE BOUNCING (N. I. ACT )MATTER (click here for details )

Cheque bouncing matters are in maximum number in court and so is the opportunity, you can privately take cases of cheque bouncing as well as in corporate practice the knowledge of this case is must.

There are various banks, NBFC, financers where there are many case of this type, but just simply filing the case will not do, you  have to understand the complete procedure of the case.

You will get complete original case file so that you can easily file your case, as well as complete practice details, if you want to join any company as legal manager cheque bounce matters are the main case which you have to handle in the company.

So dont wait just get this course and start your private solo practice or join any company.

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